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Fat Friends TV - UK Episode Synopsis

Here you will find a brief synopsis about each episode in the series.

Season 1

1. Love Me Slender

Kelly Simpson is determined to get in her two sizes two small wedding dress in time for her big day meanwhile at the slimming club her mum Betty has won through to the regional finals of Superslimmers 2000 even though her husband isn't that happy about her losing weight

Broadcast Date: 12-Oct-2000 pc: 101 Writer: Kay Mellor Director: David Wheatley

2. Fat Chance

Guest Star/s: Thelma Barlow (Mrs Ashburn) Karl Davies (Rick Ashburn) Kate Rutter (Dr. Helen Roberts)

Alan Ashburn is losing weight for his 20th wedding anniversary celebrations but a romantic meal out with his wife ends in their relationship falling apart

Broadcast Date: 19-Oct-2000 Writer: Kay Mellor Director: David Wheatley

3. Fat Free

Guest Star/s: Eleanor Bron (Marilyn Harris) Allan Corduner (Leonard Harris) Elliot Levey (Aaron Ponts) Will Mellor (Gareth)

Actress Lauren Harris has won herself a part in a soap she is convinced that losing five pounds would make her a better actress, she is also having problems with her mum who is convinced she is anorexic and her boyfriend Gareth whose nickname for her is pudding

Broadcast Date: 26-Oct-2000 Writer: Kay Mellor Director: David Wheatley

4. Growing Pains

15 year old member of Superslimmers Jamie reveals the reasons for his depressed state - his mother is battling with depression and he is being teased at school, he eventually decides he can't cope with the pressure of it all and contemplates suicide

Broadcast Date: 02-Nov-2000 Writer: Kay Mellor Director: Audrey Cooke

5. Face The Fat

Val Lorrimer has a big 'do' to attend for her new magazine North 'n' Style, without a partner she decides to resort to an escort agency

Broadcast Date: 09-Nov-2000 Writer: Kay Mellor Director: Audrey Cooke

6. When The Fat Lady Sings

Kelly Simpson's wedding day is nigh but a disastrous hen night and a punch up that is seen on the local news threatens to ruin her big day

Broadcast Date: 16-Nov-2000 Writer: Kay Mellor Director: Audrey Cooke

Season 2

7. Full Belly

Broadcast Date: 05-Sep-2002

8. Peaches And Dreams

Birthday blues are the least of Val's problems. Mistrust, jealousy and insecurity turn her world upside down after she confronts her male escort lover about what he gets up to with his clients

Broadcast Date: 12-Sep-2002

9. Forty And In-Fat-uated

The arrival of divorce papers send bus driver Alan's blood pressure rocketing, with the result that he fails a medical and loses his job

Broadcast Date: 19-Sep-2002

10. Sweet And Sour

Lonely teenager Jamie thinks his fortunes have changed when he makes the acquaintance of second-hand car dealer Craig. He spends his 17th-birthday money on flash clothes and a mobile phone in a desperate bid to fit in with Craig's crowd, but soon realises his new friend is a shady operator with a criminal past - can his policeman father help him cut his ties with the villain?

Broadcast Date: 26-Sep-2002 Writer: Gaynor Faye

11. Sticky Fingers

Guest Star/s: Sheridan Smith (Sharon)

Despite being overweight, Rebecca Patterson is generally content with life - particularly as her job as the assistant manager at a garden centre allows her to work alongside the man she secretly adores. But the shy and retiring twentysomething's cosy world is shattered by the return of a figure from her past, who proceeds to subject her to cruel psychological tortures

Broadcast Date: 03-Oct-2002

12. In Full Bloom

Betty Simpson's already stressful life takes another twist when her childhood sweetheart joins the slimming club, prompting the return of long-suppressed feelings and revelations about a dark secret from her past
Broadcast Date: 10-Oct-2002

13. Hunger Pangs

Broadcast Date: 17-Oct-2002

Season 3

14. Eat Your Heart Out

Guest Star/s: Liam Barr (Electrical Shop Assistant) Nicola Bolton (Suzanne) Trisha Goddard (Herself) David Harewood (Max Robertson) Jennifer Hennessy (Lorraine Frost) Ian Kershaw (Simon de Vier) Christine Mackie (Mrs. Hutchinson) Jacqueline Pilton (Mary) Andrew Lee Potts (Jonathan Chadwick)

It's Christmas Eve, and the Count with Carol gang are appearing live on Trisha to debate the pros and cons of dieting - but the talk turns to something altogether more interesting when Betty inadvertently blurts out to the entire viewing nation that she has a secret son. To add to her problems, she also discovers that husband Douglas hasn't been entirely honest about the family's income. Little does she know, however, that her TV appearance will bring her an unexpected gift - one she's been waiting for most of her life.

Broadcast Date: 01-Jan-2004

15. Leggs Over Easy

Guest Star/s: Andrew Lee Potts (Jonathan Chadwick)

Broadcast Date: 07-Jan-2004

16. Food For Thought

Broadcast Date: 14-Jan-2004

17. Bacon, Bagels And The Bishop

Lauren has the chance to make all her acting dreams come true - but at the price of losing everything and everybody that matters. Can she get back her friends when she needs them most?

Broadcast Date: 21-Jan-2004 Writer: Katie Baxendale Director: Lance Kneeshaw

18. Afters

Rebecca decides it is time to leave home. Her boyfriend Sean is keen to help with the move, but her break for independence is short-lived when tragedy strikes and Norma needs support.

Broadcast Date: 28-Jan-2004 Writer: Debbie Oates Director: Lance Kneeshaw

19. Food Of Love

Will Jamie's talent as a trainee chef help or hinder the gang as they try to win the title of Slimming Group of the Year on Trisha? And will a return visit to the studios bring the group closer together, or push them further apart as more revelations emerge?

Broadcast Date: 04-Feb-2004


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